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Life insurance is a great way to help prepare for life’s curveballs. We all worry about our future and have fears about whether or not we can pay off the house, provide our kids resources to go to college, or pay for those unexpected medical bills. 

With life insurance, you may not be able to prevent those curveballs, but you can plan for them and secure your families financial future.

Conversations about life insurance are not fun or easy conversations to have with your loved ones, but strategizing your family’s financial future can help protect them when you’re not there to take care of them.

What Happens If?

If you’re wondering if life insurance is right for you, ask yourself If I died tomorrow,:

  • Would my family be impacted financially, how?

  • Would my family be able to afford the home we are currently in?

  • Would my family have the money to cover the cost of daily living?

  • Would my family be able to cover my final expenses?

  • Would I leave my family in debt or financial risk?

Life insurance can help you plan for any doubt you may have about the ability of your loved ones being able to afford to live if you were to pass.

Life insurance proceeds can help replace the income they depended on, cover final expenses, ensure your loved ones can stay in your home and cover cost of living, and ensure that your kids can seek the education goals and ambitions they have worked so hard to achieve.

Some of the things you will need to think about when deciding how much life insurance is enough:

  • Your age, income, and projected income

  • Your marital status

  • Your children, there age and current health

  • Your children's future education expenses

  • Your family's cost of living

  • Current savings and retirement

  • Your total debt

  • Charitable giving goals

Believe it or not, life insurance can also be a tool to help plan for retirement.

While most people buy life insurance to help replace the loss of income or to leave a legacy and money for our loved ones, life insurance may also help in special circumstances such as:

  • Provide care to an aging relative or disabled family member

  • You have a large estate and expect to owe estate taxes.

  • You own a business and have a partner.

  • You have a substantial joint financial obligation, such as a personal loan for which another person would be legally responsible after your death.

Changes in your life?

You should review your life insurance needs annually, especially as you encounter changes in your life such as:


  • The birth or adoption of a child - Could my spouse afford to pay for day care, college, and everything in between if something were to happen to me? 

  • Change in marital status -If you or your loved one were to die prematurely, your spouse may be stuck with debts such as credit card balances and car loans, final expenses, and medical bills, life insurance may help ease your doubts and ensure that your loved ones can go on without you. 

  • Home purchase - Could your spouse manage the mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance, utilities and repairs without your income? Strategic life insurance coverage can help make sure that your family stays in the home in which many memories were shared.

  • Job change - As your salary continues to increase whether it be due to a cost of living increase or a promotion, your spending increases as well and your way of life changes. As you and your family changes their spending habits, it is important that your life insurance keeps up with those changes.

Interested in protecting the ones' you hold most dear and their financial future. We will help you strategize:

  • The best time to apply for life insurance.

  • The right amount of coverage.

  • The right type of coverage.

RG Insurance Group is excited to meet you to discuss your life insurance need. Call RG Insurance Group at 303-779-4200 or Click Here to have someone reach out to you!

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